Rain Water added to Second Generation Portfolio

Interested in capturing some of that rain that’s coming? Hire Second Generation Water to do your Rain Barrel Installation and delivery. We are ARCSA trained installers, and are happy to take on your project in LA, Orange County or Riverside.
Check out these beauties we installed last month!
The cost? $300 Installation after most rebates.
What you get:
4 Basic Blue, Red, or Black 55 Gallon Barrels delivered to your home.
We will retrofit these previously used containers with one down spout diverter with screens with connections to link the tanks.
Spigots for the garden hose
Blocks and a treated wood base for elevation to increase pressure, and an overflow connection and hose on first or last barrel
Half day installations available.
Upfront cost will be $600, with homeowners eligible in most communities in Southern California eligible for $300 in rebates!
*Custom paint can be done for your barrels at a cost.

For more information on rain water, visit http://www.2gwater.com/rain-water.html or drop us a line :

Grey Water Gator

In grey water news…we’re launching this  product today in our online store.

$1799, and for anyone on my facebook network it’s $1699 over the next week. Even friends of friends.

The Grey Water Gator Pro Is The Most Advanced & Effective Grey Water Unit On The Market Today. This heavy duty unit was developed and tested during Australia’s record drought. It’s a great plug and play solution for your grey water needs. You can be up and running within one day. It is suitable for multi zone, drip line irrigation, Garden Bed, and Under Turf (Yes you can water your grass with it!!)

Instead of dumping that 200 gallons a day of shower and laundry water straight back to the city, why not use it twice with the Gator Pro.  Check us out at http://www.2gwater.com for full details or shop at http://store.2gwater.com/products/gator-pro-grey-water-unit


Gray water. Your role in helping the state reach it’s goals.

With the governors April announcement on mandatory water reductions local communities are asked to reduce their individual usage between 20 and 36%.  How do you as a home owner help your community reach these goals.

Our simple recommendations.

Reduce the size of your lawn.  This is the biggest culprit in Los Angeles and Orange county toward your irrigation usage.

Install a Laundry to landscape system.  Depending on your irrigation levels you can save 15 to 40% on your water bills.  A typical washer produces enough to regularly water 7 fruit trees!

Install a branched drain (shower system).  This will double your water savings right there, and are typically an easy permit process.

Consider a rain catchment set up.  Did you know that you can capture 20,000 gallons of water a year off your roof?  This water can be stored and saved for later use.

Contact us for further details on what option (s) will work for your home.

Can I get a gray water system if my house is on a slab foundation?

The best candidates for gray water systems are homes with crawl spaces on raised foundations.  But if your house sits on a slab foundation you can typically still get a grey water laundry to landscape system!  As long as the machine sits against an exterior wall we can run the line out that wall and directly into the ground.  At Second Generation water our laundry room sits on slab and that’s what we had to do, photo below.

gray water installation

Other areas where you can use grey water if on a slab are kitchen sinks, or you can artificially elevate a shower so you can set a grey water diverter underneath to divert to the outside.  Or if the machine is set on the second floor you can run the line on the exterior of the house down to the landscape.  If you’re just a little bit creative you can help fight California’s drought.  Every little bit will help your community.

Kitchen sinks and gray water

Kitchen sinks use lots and lots of water.  The main issue with them, and why many states don’t allow them in their grey water codes is the fact that so much organic matter is released down the drain; food, Grease, juice, those types of things.  Because there is so much matter being released into them these greywater systems are prone to clogging.  To avoid clogs, we tell our clients to go with a branched drain style system.  The water (and food) is released into mulch basins where the plants can reach the water that is soaking in there and the matter will mingle with the mulch chips, slowly decomposing and becoming great soil for your garden!