Rain Water added to Second Generation Portfolio

Interested in capturing some of that rain that’s coming? Hire Second Generation Water to do your Rain Barrel Installation and delivery. We are ARCSA trained installers, and are happy to take on your project in LA, Orange County or Riverside.
Check out these beauties we installed last month!
The cost? $300 Installation after most rebates.
What you get:
4 Basic Blue, Red, or Black 55 Gallon Barrels delivered to your home.
We will retrofit these previously used containers with one down spout diverter with screens with connections to link the tanks.
Spigots for the garden hose
Blocks and a treated wood base for elevation to increase pressure, and an overflow connection and hose on first or last barrel
Half day installations available.
Upfront cost will be $600, with homeowners eligible in most communities in Southern California eligible for $300 in rebates!
*Custom paint can be done for your barrels at a cost.

For more information on rain water, visit http://www.2gwater.com/rain-water.html or drop us a line :


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