Grey Water System Legalities

Grey Water Systems are legal, Per California code and  Under the new 2009 California grey water code, washing machine systems that do not alter the existing plumbing do not require a permit as long as the installer follows these guidelines.

The system must have an easy way to direct flow back to the sewer/septic (3 way valve). The valve must be labeled. It must also send the water to irrigate landscape plants. The system should also keep the water on the same property it is produced. It should have a maintenance manual as well. It should also discharge the graywater under a 2 inch cover of mulch, plastic shield, or stones.

The system must not contain diaper water. It must not contain hazardous chemicals such as from a home photo lab. It should have a pooling greywater or runoff. It should make sure that the graywater is not accessible to people or pets (such as in an open tub). It should include a pump, except the washing machine pump. It must also connect to the potable water supply. It should not affect other parts of the building, such as the electrical or structural components.

By installing an L2L system you will save water, irrigate more, recharge the local water table, and lessen the burden on the local sewer system, all while saving money. Take the first step toward a sustainable future in Los Angeles with 2Gwater!


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