Treat Your Grey Water Right

The easiest and least expensive first step to help fight California’s terrible drought is the installation of a Laundry to Landscape System (L2L). L2L systems use the clothes washer’s internal pump to distribute grey water directly to the receiving landscape and into the required mulch basins. The biology of the mulch basin and surrounding soil is the treatment system that digests organic debris, soap, and any potential pathogens. View this short video for a L2L overview.

The Grey Water Treatment

Grey Water Recycling without Purification: Water can be recycled without purification. Water does not need to be as clean as potable water (drinking water) to be used in a lot of places. When it comes to agricultural and irrigational purposes, grey water can be recycled and reused without purification. The systems which recycle grey water without purifying them needs a supply of water. Special care must be taken so that no water stays in the system for more than 24 hours.

Second Generation Water Solutions follows the best practices when it comes to the installation of a grey water system. The Laundry to Landscape Solution can help fight California’s drought, and create a sustainable future for the next generations!


3 thoughts on “Treat Your Grey Water Right

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