Grey Water Law for California

Grey water is waste water from laundry machines, bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs. California law does not allow grey water use from kitchen sinks or dishwashers. In January 2010, the California Building Standards Commission adopted grey water guidelines into the California Plumbing Code. The California Plumbing Code Chapter 16 facilitates water conservation, relieves stress on private septic systems, makes legal compliance easily achievable, and provides guidelines for avoiding potentially unhealthful conditions. Chapter 16 classifies grey water systems as clothes washer systems, simple systems producing 250 gallons a day or less, and complex systems that produce 250 gallons per day or more. The code requires a construction permit for any grey water system that makes changes to a home’s drain/waste plumbing connected to clothes washers, showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks.

The Grey Water Solution

The easiest and least expensive first step to help fight California’s terrible drought is the installation of a Laundry to Landscape System (L2L). L2L systems use the clothes washer’s internal pump to distribute grey water directly to the receiving landscape and into the required mulch basins. The biology of the mulch basin and surrounding soil is the treatment system that digests organic debris, soap, and any potential pathogens.

By installing an L2L system you will save water, irrigate more, recharge the local water table, and lessen the burden on the local sewer system, all while saving money. Take the first step toward a sustainable future with 2G Water!


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