Many Uses of Grey Water

Grey water has a lot of benefits, and its recycling and reuse can help fight California’s terrible drought! And Second Generation Water Solutions helps you achieve just that by making the installation of Laundry to Landscape conversation easier.

The Many Advantages of Grey Water

The small quantities of compost present in grey water helps plants thrive. Not only that, grey water reuse can solve a lot of ecological problems, and this solution can hold for years to come. This is why, it is a huge waste to irrigate using clean drinking water only, instead of grey water. Using grey water for irrigation also has other benefits:

  1. The use of grey water ensures a reduction in the usage of fresh water, since better results can be achieved when it comes to irrigation.
  2. There are a lot of places where grey water can be used instead of fresh water, which, in turn, saves a lot of money. Almost all water, except black water and toxic water, can be recycled for outdoor use.
  3. It helps in recharging the groundwater.
  4. It also puts less stress on the local treatment plant.
  5. The compost present in the grey water helps with the plant growth, as discussed above. It also helps vegetation flourish where fresh water may not be available.
  6. Grey water recycling can be done by using less energy, as it can be done under your own trees or in the soil where you plant vegetation. This also encourages you to use fewer toxic chemicals, and dump them down the drain.
  7. Its reuse does not let any nutrients present inside go to waste.

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