Short-term and Long-term Effects of Droughts

Droughts have visible and short term consequences; some of which are given below:

  1. Plants start dying to lack of water, which cause dryness of vegetation in the region
  2. The water bodies dry up, and there is a decline in volume of water in streams and rivers
  3. The water in reservoirs also decreases, which causes the water levels in reservoirs to drop
  4. Increase of depth to water in wells
  5. Crop growth is also decreased due to lack of irrigation
  6. Dust bowls and dust storms occur, which cause further erosion in the region

Droughts also have some drastic long-term effects:

  1. They can cause the gradual or sudden sinking of the Earth’s surface. This happens due to the movement of the Earth’s materials in the subsurface when the groundwater resources are depleted. Loss of groundwater storage can also be caused due to this. This is known as land subsidence.
  2. Seawater intrusion is another long-term consequence of droughts. This occurs when there is a reversal of natural groundwater flows to the ocean, due to which seawater enters aquifer system. Because of this, the quality of groundwater is changed and compromised.
  3. The restoration projects for rivers and wildlife can also be decreased because of droughts.
  4. Dry vegetation, dry weathers, and dry climates can cause wildfires instantly when there is a spark – either by humans or by nature.

These are some of the methods by which you can prepare your household for droughts. Another way to prepare for the drought is to have a grey water system installed. Second Generation Water Solutions are the local specialists in laundry to landscape conversions, and make the installing of grey water systems really easy. This helps in recycling and reusing the grey water.


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