Gray water. Your role in helping the state reach it’s goals.

With the governors April announcement on mandatory water reductions local communities are asked to reduce their individual usage between 20 and 36%.  How do you as a home owner help your community reach these goals.

Our simple recommendations.

Reduce the size of your lawn.  This is the biggest culprit in Los Angeles and Orange county toward your irrigation usage.

Install a Laundry to landscape system.  Depending on your irrigation levels you can save 15 to 40% on your water bills.  A typical washer produces enough to regularly water 7 fruit trees!

Install a branched drain (shower system).  This will double your water savings right there, and are typically an easy permit process.

Consider a rain catchment set up.  Did you know that you can capture 20,000 gallons of water a year off your roof?  This water can be stored and saved for later use.

Contact us for further details on what option (s) will work for your home.


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