Grey Water vs. Black Water

Grey water is wash water. It is also known as sullage. Sullage is defined as the water waste from household sinks, showers, and baths, but not toilets. Grey water is all the water waste excepting toilet wastes and food wastes. The grey water from households comprises of more then 50% of household waste water.

People usually assume that all household water wasted is useless. However, grey water and toilet waste water (called black water) have a few significant distinctions. One of them is that grey water is almost as clean as drinking water (called potable water). And because of this quality, grey water is and can be treated differently.

Another distinction is that the amount of nitrogen in grey water is much less than black water. Of all the pollutants found in our potential drinking water supply, nitrogen is one of the most difficult to remove. However, almost 90% of nitrogen content in the household waste water comes from black water (toilet waste water).

Researchers and medical professionals have proved that most human pathogens are found in feces. And these pathogens and organisms are found in black water (toilet waste water). There is an insignificant amount of human waste present in grey water, but it is degenerated effectively by the soap.

Furthermore, according to research, grey water has a much faster rate of decomposition than black water. This is because of the type and little amount of the pollutants in the grey water.

As explained above, grey water contains only traces of nitrogen and human waste. It also decomposes quickly. Because of all these reasons, it should be treated differently than black water. And according to California Code, grey water can be reused, and routed back to the landscape to be used again. Not only is it easy, it is also very inexpensive to fight California’s drought by treating and managing the grey water from our households by the installation of a Laundry to Landscape System (L2L). It will not only help reuse grey water, but also save you money. Create a sustainable future with 2GWater!


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